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Moly Flange

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:

With the high melting point, good stability, low vapor pressure in high temperature and other properties, tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium and their alloys are the most suitable structure materials used in thermal processing industry including high temperature furnace (HIP furnaces) or vacuum furnace (such as High Temperature Sintering Furnace, Annealing Furnace, High Temperature Quenching Furnace for Steel and Normaliing Furnace) and insulating press machine.


Based on the high quality self-made tungsten, molybdenum, tantalum and niobium materials, we has devoted to the processing and manufacturing of various high temperature furnace components(the whole serials of crucibles, boats or carriers, sheets, plates, boxes, vacuum internal furnaces, furnace racks, hearth rails, shells and mantels, heating chambers, heat shields, reflecting screens, screws,nuts,bolts,racks, fastener, spacers, hangers and crowns for years, we can design and make according to clients' requirements.



1.good oxidation resistance ability under high temperature
2.good electrochemical corrosion resistance ability
3.keep the shape under high temperature operations
4.well-suited high temperature auxiliary material

Density: ≥10.20 g /cm3

Purity : Mo ≥99.95%

Appearance: It has metallic silver luster. It`s supplied in a shiny, bright, or as-rolled condition

Application : 

1.widely used as accessory in the special high temperature container like industries of LED
2.carbuncle and sapphire growth furnace
3.rare earth smelting and vacuum spraying etc... 


Atomic number:42
Atomic weight:95.95
Melting point:2610°c
Boling point:5560°c
Tensile Stength:610MPa
Thermal conductivity:142w/m.k ( 20°c )
Crystal Structure:body-centerd cubic

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