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Molybdenum Products


Molybdenum Boat For Thermal Evaporation Deposition

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:

 Manufacturer supply discount 99.95% pure molybdenum boat

*Molybdenum is similar to Tungsten,with melting point of 2620 ℃(4753℉),a little lower than tungsten. The elongation ability is better than Tungsten,and it is easier to make the thin wires and thin foils.

*It has the lowest coefficient of thermal expansion(CTE) of any pure metals, its CTE matches well with semiconductor materials,such as:Si,GaN,GaAs,AL2O3

Product Properties
2.Melting Point:2620℃
   Thermal conductivity:138W.m.m-1.k-1

Widely used for Furnace parts,Semiconductor base plates,components for Electron Tubes,Emission cathodes for Electron Beam Evaporation,Cathodes and Anodes for Ion Implantation,Tubes/Boats for Sintering of Capacitors,Targets for X-ray Diagnostics,Crucibles,Heating Elements,X-ray Radiation Shielding,Sputtering Targets and Electrodes