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Tungsten Heat Shield

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:

Heat Shield Introduction

Due to the large amounts of heat given off by internal combustion engines, heat shields are used on most engines to protect components and bodywork from heat damage. As well as protection, effective heat shields can give a performance benefit by reducing the under-bonnet temperatures, therefore reducing the intake temperature


Material:Molybdenum or Tungsten

Size:  diameter:50~2500mm

Height: 200~2000mm

Temperature: above 2200



1.good oxidation resistance ability under high temperature
2.good electro-chemical corrosion resistance ability
3.keep the shape under high temperature operations
4.well-suited high temperature auxiliary material




1.widely used as accessory in the special high temperature container like industries of LED
2.carbuncle and sapphire growth furnace
3.rare earth smelting and vacuum spraying