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Tungsten Products


high temperature furnace tungsten wire mesh heater

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:

Tungsten is used in the form of a weave or mesh design. Weave radiation panel elements offer superior mechanical formability, strength, creep properties and ability to hold their shape for long service life. 



Working Temperature: 2000℃-3000℃

Tungsten, molybdenum and its alloys are important materials for making high temperature furnace parts due to their good thermal conductivity, conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, high temperature strength, low vapor pressure and wear resistance. The specific specifications of the heating room are selected according to the temperature required by the furnace, and are produced and processed according to the drawings and specific requirements of the customers.

According to furnace design and operating temperature, we supply hot zones with heating elements in the form of strip heaters, wire and rod elements, stranded-wire elements and mesh-heaters.

1. Tungsten strip heater

    1)Made of W, Mo, MoLa, TZM, Ta.

    2)Very fine shape and exact Ohm.

    3)High mechanical and thermal stability.

    4)Low creep deformation.

    5)Supply  rod heating elements according to user's drawing.

2. Tungsten mesh heater

1)Very fine shape and exact Ohm. 

2)High mechanical and thermal stability.

3)Low creep deformation.

4)Long life times.

5)Supply mesh heater according to user's drawing and inquiry.

3. Tungsten heater rod

    1)Size: dia. 2 - 11 mm x 6000 mm length.

    2)Very fine surface and density uniformity.

    3)High mechanical and thermal stability.

    4)Low creep deformation.

    5)Long life times.

    6)Supply  rod heating elements according to user's drawing.


1. Furnace parts.

2. Heat shields.

3. Vacuum furnace materials.

4. Hot zone replacement parts.

5. Heating element materials.

6. Furnace hardware.