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3D Bending Glass Tungsten Carbide Mould

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:


Tungsten carbide  mould 3D hot bending glass, also known as the 3 D hot bending glass tungsten carbide  mould heating transfer plate, belongs to the hot bending machine supporting the use of glass heating transfer plate  high temperature materials.热弯机副本.jpg

Mobile phone 3 d glass screen, the most important thing in the production of glass lenses is hot bending forming. In the hot bending machine evenly heat in the process of high temperature hot pressing glass need to use to the high temperature resistant, thermal conductivity of the powder metallurgy heating  transfer plate to heat evenly hot pressing operations. Here, the heating temperature up to 950 ℃ to 1150 ℃ or higher, such a high temperature for 3 d hot bending glass tungsten carbide  mould is also have special requirements, and glass materials under the environment of high temperature have strong corrosion effect. Should not only guarantee the high hardness and density of heating transfer plate , and to ensure that the high-temperature thermal deformation and strong corrosion resistance, the powder metallurgy is a new material new materials application and the challenge.

 Powder metallurgy is producing metal powder or with metal powder as raw material, after forming and sintering, manufacturing metal materials, composite materials and processing technology of various types of products. For 3 D glass hot bending machine high temperature hot pressing operations using powder metallurgy material, work in the high temperature of 950 ℃ to 1100 ℃ hot pressing under strong antioxidant capacity, but also has good thermal stability at high temperatures and micro deformation.