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Tungsten Carbide Blank

Variety specifications and detailed parameters:

Tungsten carbide blanks are used for cutting metals, woods and other materials. 

The advantages of our carbide plates are smooth cutting, fast cutting speed and have a long service time. Unlimited ranges of grades and sizes of carbide plates are available in our company.


ISO GradeGradeDensity g/cm3TRS N/mm2Hardness(HRA)  Application recommended
P30YT514.6~15≥1570≥89.5suitable for heavy cut of cast steel and steel.suitable for high amount of feed in low speed and high speed.
K20YG814.7~15.0≥2200≥89.5suitable for semi-finishing of cast iron and mild alloy.also for wood.plastic.chemical fiber.rubber.paperboard and nonmetal.
P20YT1411.79≥1400≥91.8suitable for finish machining and semi-finishing machining of cast steel and steel.medium amount of feed.YS25 is focused on cutting of cast steel and steel