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Tungsten Remained In A Deadlock For Months With

Author: Published:2018-09-14 Views:1078


By end of this week, the tungsten market went ahead in a deadlock situation, and nobody knows who would come first for the market loosening and the demand from the end market. The market remained low for about two and half months, and have no signs showed any good change might happened in the near future. Some participants lost their confidence on the market. No orders means no purchasing in raw materials, coupled with many uncertian factors in the market, many producers would rather wait and watch the market and wait for a clear market direction.

These days, the tungsten ore market behaved much steady with firm price, which formed a only strong support to the downstream market. The concluded price for 65% tungsten ore was RMB99,000-100,000/t. Restricted by mineral operating cost, most producers would not sell at lower price under the condition that most sold large quantity cargoes in previous time, and have no the pressure on fund. Influenced by the worrying market, most consumers would not purchase too much but purchase according to their order. Most consumers held low stocks now, and the deadlock situation might continue for a while.

The APT market remained almost unchanged with the mainstream offer of RMB158,000/t. It is difficult for producers to sell at the price above RMB158,000/t, while consumers tried their best to purcase at the price lower than RMB158,000/t. So the market remaind deadlock. As times went by, without consumers entering into the market, the APT producers would shoulder a great pressure with the accumulation on stocks, so the demand from consumers is the key problem in APT market.

The tungsten powder market kept quiet either. The concluded was RMB250/kg with the mainstream offer of RMB248-251/kg. In a short time, tungsten powder market would remained deadlock waiting for the market demand turn well. Most tungsten powder and alloy producers said that they received less orders these months. There are two reasons for the weak demand, one is that the prosperous demand in the first half of the year, which overdraught the demand in the second half of the year. The other one is that the demand is in traditional weak season, coupled with their worry influence might happened caused by the trade war. Most consumers would purchase cautiously to avoid their loss.

     As the time went by, the influence of overdraught in the first half of the year would go down, and the stocks in end-users would be consumed, while the demand would get accumulated, coupled with the limited trade war influence, tungsten market still have chance to turn round. It is time to test if the tungsten ore market could remain firm, while tungsten market on a whole would remain deadlock in a short time.

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